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        Corrugating Medium Paper

        Corrugating Medium Paper

          Corrugating medium paper is a critical component of corrugated board production and is mostly used as the corrugated core (middle) layer of corrugated boards functioning as a shockproof and pressure resistant layer, or can also be used as packing paper for fragile items. Corrugating medium paper has been the Company's principal product since its inception. The primary raw material to produce corrugating medium paper is recycled paper board, and the major specification for the Company's corrugating medium paper is 60-250 gram per square meter.

          In April 2010, IT Packaging purchased machinery for the Company's new corrugating medium paper production line with an annual production capacity of 360,000 tons. IT Packaging successfully launched commercial production of this new corrugating medium paper production line in December 2011.

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