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        Eco Friendly

          The majority of IT Tech Packaging Inc.'s raw materials are eco-friendly recycled papers. Since 2009, the Company has gradually phased out products that require wood pulp as its primary raw material.

          IT Tech Packaging Inc. successfully recycles the paper fiber sludge, which is a by-product from the paper manufacturing process, for corrugating medium paper. This not only improves paper's toughness and stiffness, but also reduces the production cost of corrugating medium paper.

          The Company has a sewage processing system with a daily processing capacity of up to 50,000 tons, which recycles waste water discharged from production for re-use by corrugating medium paper production lines and ensures operations to be in full compliance with environmental protection regulations. The Company has a history of satisfactory environmental protection records and always renews its pollution discharge permit without delay for curbing violations.


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