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        About Us

        Nov 2021             Officially Starts its Surgical Masks Production

        July 2021              Announces Its  Tissue Paper R&D Center Receives Level B Scale-Above Certification as An Industrial R&D Enterprise Institution

        May 2021             Offcially Obtains FDA Approval for Surgical Mask Products

        April 2021            Receive Qualification for Biomass CHP Project to Supply Central Heat in Industrial                                Parks

        June 2020             Launches Construction of Biomass Combined Heat and Power Generation Project

        Apri 2020              Announces Pricing of Approximately $2.6 million Registered Direct Offering

        April 2020             Launches Production of Single-Use Face Masks

        Nov 2019              Launches New Tissue Paper Production Line

        June 2017             Present at the 2017 Marcum Microcap Coference

        June 2015             Launches Commercial Production of Tissue Paper Products

        Nov 2014              Announces Transition of Chief Fiancial Officer and Independent Director

        Sep2014                Attend 2014 China Best Ideas Investment Conference

        August 2014         Announces $2.5 million registered direct offering

        May 2014         Completed the renovation of Line 1 and started the official production

        January 2013    Announced business expansion plan for entering tissue paper

        June 2012         The first cash dividend of 1.25 cents was announced in the second quarter, and the company’
                      s regular quarterly dividend policy was announced in November.

        December 2011   360,000-ton New packaging paper production line officially put into production

        April 2010          Publicly sold 3.45 million shares at a price of $8.25 per share

        March 2010       Shengde Paper launches production of digital photo paper

        December 2009   Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE MKT) under the ticker symbol "ITP"

        October 2009    Completed $5 million in private equity financing

        ovember 2007   Listed on the OTC Counter Market (OTCBB) under the ticker symbol "OPAI"

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