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        About Us

        First, the mission of the company

        Inheriting Chinese civilization, creating a circular economy

        Second, the company's goals

        Create an environmentally friendly, resource-saving green paper industry

        Third, corporate social responsibility

        Adhere to green environmental protection, base on sustainable development, and build a circular economy base

        Fourth, the core values of the company

        Develop, innovate, surpass, lead

        V. Enterprise spirit

        Unity, hard work, pragmatic and efficient

        Six, management philosophy

        1. Business philosophy: management science, quality-oriented, efficiency first, customer first

        2. Quality concept: Reputation comes from quality and quality comes from quality.

        3. Talent concept: Concentrate people with emotions and motivate people with mechanism.

        4. Marketing concept: Integrity and win-win, create a better future

        VII, employee code of conduct

        Continuous learning, self-improvement, day-to-day, high-day

        Eight, employee behavior style

        To be a low-key person, to be high-profile

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